People want to trade. People want to know the recent trends in the crypto space. People would do anything to have data and info on their fingertips. Rewards too?? Of course, they'd want those too. Add that to the fact that cryptocurrencies are gaining attention and people want to be schooled in the concept of Blockchain technology.

With this in mind, Newscrypto launched their App!!!

On the 4th of February 2021 the long-awaited release of the Newscrypto App came to fruition as the Android version of the app went live. The features of the Next-Gen App are really great and it will go a long way towards helping users interact with the Newscrypto ecosystem more effectively. Newscrypto has carved out a niche for itself as the go-to portal for tracking cryptocurrency prices, analysing your portfolio as well as keeping in touch with recent trends in the crypto space.
What then are the features of this app and does it live up to the hype?

Features of the Newscrypto App

1. Build your portfolio: It’s one thing to have various coins and tokens but it’s another thing to have a secure place to keep them, grow them and monitor their progress (or lack of). With the Newscrypto App, you can create a whole lot of portfolios and have them show their values as a result of a connection between the API and the various exchanges. These exchanges include Binance, Huobi, HitBTC and Coinbase Pro amongst others.

2. Keep track of your portfolio: With a base of over 6000 crypto coins, tracking the prices and value of your portfolio has never been easier. There is a wide array of coins to choose from and you can track the performances of the various coins so as to make proper decisions during bull and bear seasons. The range of coins include BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, XRP, LINK, ADA, XLM, DOT and BCH amongst others. There’s a wide array of coins to choose from.

3. Fiat/Crypto Visibility: With the App, you get to see your holdings either as one of the major fiat currencies ( USD, GBP, JPY, and USDC amongst others) or as cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH etc) and you can switch this view at your own convenience.

4. Access to Coin Index: With the Newscrypto App, the user can get an analysis of his/her favourite coin or any coin of interest, thus helping the user to keep track and decide on when to make a business move. Details such as price, all-time high (ATH), overview, charts, candle graphics, % change in 24hrs, would all be at your finger tips.

5. Participate in community price predictions: This feature is one that would interest a lot of users as they would get to participate in price prediction contests for a chance to win prices in the form of App credits. A lot more is going into making it possible to place bets as a group with the closest predictor winning the entire prize. This is massive.

6. Other features: Many other features can be found on the App. Users can get to vote on their belief in the market with regards to it being bearish or bullish. The good part is that the users stand to get rewarded with in-app credits.
There are also many games in the app that you can play, enjoy and win rewards from. It’s the complete package.
Users can also deposit and withdraw $NWC within the app. They can also convert their in-app credits to $NWC tokens and vice versa.
There’s also the educational part of the app where users (newbies or advanced) can learn about crypto and keep up to speed with recent trends and happenings. Users would also learn the basics of buying, selling, trading, spending or investing crypto through a lessons guide.
There would also be access to a wide range of tools that can help users trade more efficiently. These include DeFiscan and Whale alert amongst others.
You can customize your candle theme and also get access to detailed technical reports of various projects and currencies.

All in all, the Newscrypto App is an app you should have on your device. Your one-stop portal for all your crypto stuff. Get yours on Google Playstore today:
The Apple IoS version is also live. You can download on the Apple store here:

About Newscrypto
Newscrypto is a blockchain portal where traders are provided with a large set of effective tools to aid them trade crypto efficiently. With some sophisticated features like advanced market indicators, tutorial centre, trading tools and a segment for price analysis. It’s your one-stop portal for making money decisions. For more details, check here:

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