Top P2E Games on IndiGG

We know how bad market conditions are and you must be looking for a hub to get the best P2E games to give you some funds and a little distraction.

What you’re looking for is on IndiGG, a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games that is pushing the narrative for top gaming in India. With IndiGG, the mission is simple. Making India a Web3 Gaming Powerhouse that would connect users/gamers to their favourite P2E Games.

There’s quite a list on IndiGG now and they are all top notch.

AxieInfinity which is also one of the best P2EGames where gamers can battle, collect, build and also earn. With IndiGG, it would be easier to network with fellow Indians playing the AxieInfinity game.

Skyweaver Game is a card game that has its own gameplay and rules. It’s like you’re playing a regular game from another dimension. Own and trade your NFT cards and use them in battle against other gamers.

Nyanheroes is another P2E game that you would love. The game play is great and you’d get cool rewards.Become a Nyan Hero and help save real life cats.

Fancybirds is another one you would like a lot. It’s about flying, racing, winning and most importantly, earning. This game is operated by FancyDAO and would give you fun and funds in equal measure.

You also have Pegaxy which is the home of racing in the metaverse. Built by MiraiLabs, it’s a game that allows you to race, breed, rent and earn from your virtual horses.

It’s a complete experience, I must say. Head over to and mint your $INDI badge.

This will give you exclusive access to the IndiGG discord and better your experience:

It’s all about the IndiGG community and group of scholars.







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