The Persistence Blockchain Explorer — Powered by Aneka

Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha
3 min readJul 18, 2021


Years ago, I remember receiving payment via crypto for a cryptocurrency project and not being able to see my funds in the wallet. I was transferred a certain Layer 2 (L2) token and to receive it, I submitted an ERC20 wallet address. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months and there was still no sign of my funds in my wallet. I kept complaining to the admins of the project because I believed I wasn’t paid. I kept refreshing my wallet until one day a friend asked what type of token was sent to me. I told him it was a Layer 2 token and he laughed hard stating that I wouldn’t see it on my wallet because I was looking at the Layer 1 part of the wallet. He therefore sent me a link to the site through which I could see all the transactions that must have occurred in my wallet much like you see when you collect your statement of account at the local bank. This site he sent to me is called a blockchain explorer. Blockchain explorers are very important in the blockchain space. With them, you can know everything about your favourite cryptocurrency and blockchain. No detail is left out on the blockchain explorer and that’s the reason why I was able to see my supposedly lost token in my wallet despite the fact that my wallet couldn’t reflect it.

With blockchain explorers, you have virtually every information you need. The blockchain explorer can help you see the transaction history of your wallet address just as I did and saw the funds that I thought weren’t present. This allows for easy audit of any wallet thus giving you the transparency you need. You can also see receiving and change addresses with the blockchain explorer. You can also see details covering transaction size within the blockchain, double-spending incidents as well as access to genesis blocks among others.

Persistence and Aneka

With all these, Persistence launched its third blockchain explorer, Powered by Aneka, which is massively utilized in the Cosmos ecosystem. The blockchain explorer, built by Vitwit, is known to feature a wider spectrum of metrics and integrations than what is being witnessed with the previous two explorers on Persistence. We all know how the Cosmos ecosystem is growing and driving the motion for interoperability.

The blockchain explorer, Powered by Aneka, will be at the forefront of interoperable transactions within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. You must be wondering why there is so much hype around Aneka. It’s simple. With Aneka, users can have seamless and hassle-free access to in-depth data and metrics on the Persistence blockchain. This wide range of influence would cover the transactions, validators and addresses on the Persistence chain. If you think that’s all, you’re definitely wrong. With this explorer, you can also see some aspects that would normally be non-existent in other explorers. This includes your XPRT holdings, wallet address count and information surrounding governance and much more.


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