The EasyFi-Pancakeswap Syrup Pool

It was great news as your top DeFi lending protocol for digital assets, EasyFi Network announced the relaunch off the “Stake $CAKE - Farm $EZ” program on PancakeSwap Syrup pool. The much-awaited staking pool is now LIVE!!! and users, community members and the crypto space at large can now partake in this yield farm.

In this pool you are expected to stake $CAKE, the native token of Pancakeswap, to earn rewards in $EZ. Over 30,000 $EZ tokens have been set aside as rewards amounting to over $200,000 in actual worth.

This is absolutely massive with the APR North of one 150%. Staking started on the 28th of May, 2021 and the pool will last for 60 days, giving users ample time to maximize earnings.

Here’s a summary of the pool
1. Total tokens to be earned: 30,000 EZ tokens.
2. Distribution duration: 60 days
3. Starting block: Staking would be starting at block 7791100 (28th May at 6.00 AM. UTC + 1)
4. Ending block: It’d be finishing at block 9519100 (27th July at 6.00 AM UTC + 1)
5. Token rewards per block: This would amount to 0.0072338 EZ.

You can start here:

It doesn't end there, Staking lovers

There will also be an EZ-BNB liquidity pool and LP token farming . Here users who have EZ and BNB tokens can use them to provide liquidity to the EZ-BNB pool. The EZ-BNB LP tokens would then be staked to earn CAKE.
The CAKE rewards within the first 48 hours will be 1x and will reduce to 0.5x subsequently.

Join the EZ farm here:

Happy Staking, People 🤑🤑

About EasyFi Network
EasyFi Network is the top Layer 2 DeFi lending protocol that’s highly scalable, composable and focused on adoption. Built in line with Permissionless networks and automation of smart contracts, EasyFi is showing us that we can do more with DeFi.
Website | Twitter |Telegram |Whitepaper

About Pancakeswap.
Pancakeswap is an automated market maker (AMM) — decentralized finance (DeFi) application that allows users carry out a series of activities. These include exchanging tokens, providing liquidity via farming and earning rewards. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.
Website | Medium | Twitter |Telegram |
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