Staking XPRT — Making the most out of Persistence’s gem

We all know how lucrative the staking process is turning out to be for users. Almost everyone is in one staking pool or the other. This could be simple staking pools or liquidity provider pools where rewards are generated for securing the mainnet and providing liquidity respectively. The Persistence ecosystem is not left out and this article is a pointer to the many ways you can earn by staking your XPRT. XPRT is the utility token of the Persistence ecosystem. Lets massive rewards as well as get along as holders of a project that is building the next-gen of DeFi products. Here are the various ways to stake and earn rewards for your XPRT.

Staking XPRT on Persistence Wallet

We all know that persistence has a web wallet that is very secure. Since the 1st of April, 2021, staking on the Persistence wallet has been on. If there is anywhere you should be staking your XPRT, it should be here. Within the first year, there would be a reward APR of 35%. It is one of the highest in the space. All you have to do is open a web wallet on More details here:

Staking XPRT on Cosmostation

You can also stake your Persistence gem, XPRT on cosmostation mobile wallet. All you have to do is create your personal Persistence account on the cosmostation DApp and proceed. Details here:

Staking XPRT on AscendEX

Holders of Persistence gem, XPRT, can stake on AscendEX. AscendEX, formerly known as BitMax, is an industry-leading digital asset trading platform. AscendEX has an innovative staking product where users can stake their tokens and earn rewards directly. The XPRT is not left out of this as you can secure the Persistence network through staking the XPRT. The APR on AscendEX is currently 33.81% with instant unbonding. This is quite huge. What are you waiting for? Get yourself over here:

Staking XPRT on Osmosis

Osmosis is the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX on cosmos network blockchain and is built around interoperability with data exchange between multiple blockchains enabled. You can actually stake your XPRT on Osmosis but it is not a single staking model. You would have to use your XPRT to provide liquidity for one of the XPRT pools available on Osmosis zone. These pools are the XPRT-ATOM and the XPRT-OSMO pool. This type of staking is referred to as liquidity mining. For more details as to how you can do this, check this well detailed guide by Everstake. The current APR stands at 187% for the XPRT-ATOM pool and 269% for the XPRT-OSMO pool. The TVL has crossed 28 million. Check here:

Staking XPRT on Emeris

Just like in Osmosis DEX, staking XPRT on Emeris is liquidity mining in essence. Here you commit your XPRT to the XPRT-ATOM pool. With Emeris, you get to experience the power of cross-chain defi. Join the XPRT-ATOM as it currently has over $3,400,000 TVL presently. Check here:

Staking XPRT on pSTAKE

This feature is not yet live as you can only stake ATOM on pSTAKE. XPRT is coming soon, though. We would get to enjoy liquid staking. Keep in touch here:







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