pSTAKE: Unlocking the liquidity of your staked assets

Features of pSTAKE

  1. Liquidity: As stated earlier, we are looking at a product pioneering liquid staking. Thiis is by unlocking the liquidity of your staked assets by giving you staked replicas. You can earn with your staked PoS tokens and you can use the replicas to perform various functions in the DeFi ecosystem.
  2. Network security: One very strong characteristic of the Proof of Stake mechanism is security. The users staking the coins, while earning rewards in the process are also securing the network and helping to keep it going. With pSTAKE, the security of the network is also important with the staked assets being delegated to a group of whitelisted validators of the underlying network in order to help decentralize voting power. The more decentralized a network is, the more secure it is from a single point of attack or any attack at all.
  3. Fungibility: If the staked representatives cannot be exchanged for something of equal value or utility, then the aim of creating the pSTAKE product would be defeated. The staked representatives, however, are fungible. You really have a gem of value in your hands and the slashing risk will be shared across all pSTAKE users.
  1. Wrap native token
  2. Stake ustkTOKENs.
  3. Earn and receive your staking rewards
  4. Use stkTOKENs to generate additional yield.
  5. Unstake stkTOKENs
  6. Withdraw native tokens.



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