Prediction Vaults on Quickswap — A Case for Bhavish

Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha
2 min readSep 29, 2022

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear vaults?

That huge safe inside a bank where all the valuables. Today we wouldn’t be talking about bank vaults. We’d be talking about Bhavish Prediction Vaults in the wake of their launch on Quickswap DEX. The first of it’s kind.

What are Prediction Vaults?

Prediction Vaults are vaults that permit you to deposit funds and earn yield (as a result) by making use of an automated prediction strategy that predicts the movement of asset prices. You might wonder how they generate returns.

They do this via the specific prediction strategy based on Tradingview Technical Indicators. To put this into context, a regular cryptocurrency vault will make use of a set of technical indicators to predict the prices of any cryptocurrency listed on Bhavish Finance and give you returns on your investment. This makes predictions a lot easier.

A vault will perform 5 transactions/week for 5 different people instead of them doing it individually. Saving gas in the process.

Bhavish Prediction Vaults

So let’s talk about the Bhavish Prediction Vaults on Quickswap DEX.

It’s pertinent to note that Bhavish is the first to launch a prediction vault on Quickswap. We would be going through the features of these Bhavish Vaults.

Features of Bhavish Prediction Vaults

1. $MATIC Deposits: With the Bhavish vaults, you can deposit $MATIC directly and also earn $MATIC rewards from your predictions.

2. Smart Vaults: These vault keeps strategy-related data, predicted history and other important information.

3. Performance Metrics: Vault performance can now be tracked through the graphs provided on each vault.

How does the vault work?

  1. The vault receives your $MATIC deposits and invests 100% of its balance in its prediction strategy.
  2. It then goes ahead to algorithmically select the optimal indicator for the prediction and helps you make predictions in the direction where you find the highest success rate.
  3. The vault harvests the yield from the predictions and represents it as the yield.

You can deposit funds into the vault anytime you want and these funds can be withdrawn after a 24hr lock-in period.

This is a great development especially as it’s on the foremost decentralized exchange on Polygon. This is just the beginning of the road for Bhavish as the dominate the prediction markets sector.

Quickswap DEX

QuickSwap is a next-gen decentralized exchange built for DeFi. Users can trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees. It is powered by Polygon $MATIC




Bhavish Finance

Bhavish Finance is offering Prediction Markets on Polygon. Users can bet on Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and more.