Persistence to be Listed as a Support Chain on Emeris

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We live at an age and time where these three (3) words are in constant use all around us. Firms coming together to make certain processes better. We see communities merge when this happens with users on each side benefiting immensely from these partnerships. On the 23rd of July, 2021, we were shown yet another partnership as Persistence revealed their listing as one of the initial support chains on Emeris. What does this entail? First we would see what these projects actually are.


In the decentralized finance space, Persistence is creating a niche for itself. A tendermint-based platform that is helping to bring the power of real-world assets to DeFi. Persistence is hung on the dream of interoperability where transfer of data/value would be seamless between chains via on-off ramps. Over time, they have based their modus operandi on two core areas. First, they sought to utilise asset-based lending for real-world commodity traders as well as looking at the crypto angle where blockchain-based assets can integrate with real-world assets, generating yield. Persistence has functioned by building a group of next-gen financial products and these products have great use cases that are being sought after. They include Comdex (platform that would enhance decentralized commodities trading whilst removing some of the many challenges associated with trade), (a platform that provides staking as a service using an enterprise-grade infrastructure for delegated PoS markets), pSTAKE (a platform that would help stakers unlock the liquidity of the staked assets by providing them with staked replicas that can be used to seek further yield in the DeFi space. AssetMantle (an NFT marketplace framework to help in the NFT frenzy), pLEND (a debt financing service that hasn’t been launched yet) and the XPRT, the utility token of the Persistence ecosystem.


Emeris is also a tendermint-based platform. Your one-stop portal for your crypto apps irrespective of the blockchain they are operating on. If ever you needed a real example of interoperability and cross-chain operations, Emeris has got your back. The goal of Emeris is simple and that is the prospect of a universal interface. A platform where you would have access to a wide array of decentralized applications from various blockchains. For now Emeris will be starting operations as a non-custodial cross-chain DeFi dashboard with a future aim being to get other ways of operations like a mobile app or a PC browser extension wallet. With Emeris, it is the ultimate goal for users to be able to explore and interact with all blockchains in one platform as the push for interoperability takes centre stage. With Emeris, we are truly unlocking the power of cross-chain DeFi.

Persistence + Emeris

Seeing the strength of these two projects we are more than convinced that it is one partnership in the right direction. You’re looking at having the gem of Persistence, XPRT, amplified by Emeris as soon as the Beta goes live! The XPRT will be in good company as many of the assets from various other blockchains would also be there. With this, the Persistence community and many other Cosmos-based communities will be able to experience and enjoy the power and magnitude of cross-chain DeFi on a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is integrated into Cosmos.

We definitely cannot wait.


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