Persistence: Pushing the DeFi and NFT narrative

When we talk these days, it’s difficult to leave out decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs. Persistence, however, is the future of DeFi and NFTs. An interoperable protocol built to power and provide next-gen financial products that will help drive decentralized finance and improve NFT adoption. Persistence is at the helm of bridging decentralized finance with traditional finance by providing financial solutions that can be achieved through their next-gen financial products. This is exactly what persistence is all about

Focus of Persistence

1. Decentralized finance (DeFi): Decentralized finance commonly referred to as DeFi has become a household term in the blockchain space, emerging as an ecosystem of his own. It is a blockchain-based form of finance that relies so much on smart contracts on blockchain. Unlike traditional financial methods, it doesn’t require a central authority or intermediary. Like traditional financial methods users can borrow, lend and spend funds while also earning interest. Persistence is at the forefront of finding ways through which decentralized finance and traditional finance can be breached thus allowing users to interact with both assets (traditional and digital) in a largely global context without hassle.

2. Non-fungible tokens (NFT): Non-fungible tokens are gaining worldwide acknowledgement. NFTs are transforming the way art is made . Almost everything is moving to a digital phase. Most recently Rob prior created an NFT from a painting and burned the real painting on live camera. Persistence is committed to making real-world assets as well as digital assets much more accessible.

3. Proof-of-stake (PoS): Staking is beautiful. Staking is gratifying. Persistence is coming up with many state-of-the-art staking platforms to enable users maximise the potential of their PoS tokens.

Persistence products

1. Comdex: Comdex is a trade-tech platform designed to help surmount some of the very many challenges associated with trade. Speed of transactions, transparency and trust are vital issues that Comdex seeks to take care of thus powering decentralized commodities trading. Visit Comdex.

2. Audit.One: Staking is very lucrative these days and almost everyone in the blockchain industry is involved in one staking program or the other. Audit.One is your platform for staking with an enterprise-grade infrastructure for delegated proof of stake market that cannot be rivaled. Visit Audit.One

3. pSTAKE: pSTAKE takes staking to a whole new level. You are looking at maximizing profits from your staked PoS tokens. These staked PoS tokens are usually locked while you receive rewards for staking. The locked PoS tokens cannot be used for other functions while they are locked. That is where persistence comes in with liquid staking. Representatives of the staked PoS tokens are provided (stkTOKENs) and these replicas can then be taken to the DeFi ecosystem for more yield. You earn more from your staked PoS tokens. Visit pSTAKE.

4. AssetMantle: It is an NFT era and everyone is crazy about NFTs. With AssetMantle, you have an intergalactic universe of NFTs. Your all-in-one NFT marketplace. Visit AssetMantle

5. pLEND: A service that is not out yet but stay on the lookout as we see decentralized lending on another level.

There are very many products in the pipeline also.

Join the DeFi and NFT train with Persistence.

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