Persistence — Foundation Validator Delegation Cohort 2

The role of validators in the proof of stake consensus processes cannot be overemphasized. A process that secures a very stable operation within a blockchain system. A validator is a node that partakes in the verification and consensus processes within a blockchain. For a block to get verified or pass through the consensus process, the validator would play a vital role. These nodes (of validators) would then decide whether they would agree to a proposed block by voting. This voting process is largely tied to their voting power.

To better understand this, let’s take a look at this narrative. There are many nodes in the setup and all of them can be validated if they reserve their stakes but this is not possible. The number of validators is fixed and all nodes can’t be validated. There is a selection process, however. In a case where there is a maximum number of nodes making up a validator, the selection process comes into play when making a new node the validator. The new node will, then, have to deposit a larger stake than the current validator with the smallest stake. That smallest node will then be removed as a validator and the new node becomes a validator.

Foundation Validator Delegation

Persistence is now calling out to all interested parties to run a validator node for Persistence in a bid to further create decentralization. This will help ensure the total security and robustness of their network, and their validator ecosystem is playing a major role on this front.

They very well understand the importance of a good validator base (especially with the Audit.One experience) and so they would do all they can to ensure that the Persistence mainnet is secure. With this, they have launched the Persistence Foundation Validator Delegations Program, which would help to promote the growth of an active and committed validator ecosystem.

A share of XPRT tokens (250,000–700,000 tokens per validator) will be delegated by the Persistence Foundation to validators thus showing a commitment to adding value to the Persistence ecosystem.

Being a Persistence validator comes with benefits

  1. Staking Rewards fees: In addition to being able to play a key role in helping to secure the network, validators will also earn a passive income via fees generated from providing staking services for the Persistence community. The XPRT token will be delegated to the validators by holders, who will charge a commission (rate set by the validators themselves with a maximum of 10%) to receive a percentage of their delegators’ staking rewards in return for their service. This is really cool, bearing in mind the high APR which is 35%.
  2. Persistence Foundation delegations: Selected validators will receive support from the Persistence Foundation in the form of Foundation delegations and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. These delegations will range from 250,000–700,000 XPRT tokens per validator for selected validators and would be of huge importance to every validator, especially smaller ones.

You can register here and partake in the process:








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