PERSISTENCE — a complete suite

First, before we talk about the uniqueness of Persistence, it’s important to note that it uses a layered approach to achieve physical asset tokenization. Layers include the Persistence chain and Persistence SDK. We’d be looking at these terms here.

Persistence Chain

The Persistence chain is a natively interoperable blockchain that helps the motive of verifying and logging transactions in a very detailed way. Interoperability is a huge attribute of Persistence.

Persistence SDK

The Persistence SDK is a software development kit with which developers can tokenize real-world assets, and facilitate decentralized exchanges. Like the Persistence chain, the Persistence SDK handles the digital side of things.

A Complete Suite

Persistence is built for use cases around Proof of Stake, Non Fungible Tokens and Decentralized finance that have captured the mind of investors, community members, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the blockchain industry.

If the Blockchain industry has to scale to a valuation of trillions of dollars and move from the ‘speculative’ phase to a ‘value creation’ phase, there has to be a means to find ways to process high-value transactions, store high-value data and provide tangible results in terms of increase in revenue or decrease in expenses for large enterprises and governments. Persistence is built just for this.

Like ‘traditional’ startups, Persistence went through a very solid phase of ideation, followed by rigorous development and several iterations and before finally realising external validation through real-world implementations and integrations.

Now, after more than a year of remaining in stealth, the team believes that it is time to take Persistence to market. This will allow the Persistence team to rapidly scale up the implementations that it has in its pipeline, boost its team even further and start developing supporters and communities around the world to find even more use cases so to speak. There are many areas of interest which include Liquid staking, Standards, Network security, NFTs and synthetic assets/trading.

Here are some of the products under Persistence


Audit.One is one of Persistence products that offers staking as a service, ensuring Network security. Audit.One are top-tier validators in the proof of stake ecosystem and are part of the validator system of many top projects with the most recent being the integration into CUDOS.


pSTAKE solves the problem of liquidity which is a problem for staked assets. When you stake your assets are locked. With pSTAKE, you are issued representative tokens of your staked assets, thus effectively unlocking the liquidity.


Assetmantle is set to be an NFT marketplace framework. AssetMantle would help to implement the minimum clique of the PersistenceSDK models thus rendering culpable, interNFT definition, issuance, ownership and transfer. Within this framework, decentralized exchange would also be possible.


Already stated earlier, this Persistence flagship DApp is revolving around decentralized commodities trading and trade financing platform. This is actually the first use case for asset-based lending within the Persistence ecosystem. With Comdex, you are also looking at democratizing commodities through interchain synthetic assets.

There’s so much to expect from Persistence and the Cosmos ecosystem as a whole. Fasten your seatbelt. Be up for a ride.








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