P2E Games: A case for IndiGG

One thing I love about IndiGG is the fact that you can get your games and funds together in one delicate mix. How please?? By getting access to P2E Games on the IndiGG platform.

P2E Games are known as Play-To-Earn Games. When you play normal games, you could get access to in-game stars tokens and swags which remain in the game. These stars make your gaming experience better. With these Play-to-earn games however, there’s an added twist and these in-game tokens become liquid.

This implies that you can take these tokens out of the game and actually spend them on real life items.

This makes users have the fun of enjoying the games they love while getting funds too. IndiGG is committed to helping connect gamers with their favourite P2EGames in a seamless manner. A sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games, they are looking to make India a Web3 Gaming Powerhouse and I honestly can’t wait for mass awareness to build the community. More gamers mean bigger networks.

Don’t be left behind.

Head over to http://indi.gg and mint your IndiGG badge to get exclusive access to the discord channel including membership benefits and perks as well as announcements on new game partnerships.


Website: https://www.indi.gg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YGGIndia

Discord: https://discord.gg/T3gGYqEuwB



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