A Small intro into the NERVOS World

Blockchains have changed the way we do things in the world today. A whole lot of worries and fears attached to common transactions have been quashed and more technological advancements have been made possible by the seemingly increasing use of blockchain technology. Little did Satoshi Nakamoto know that the distributed ledger he was creating in 2008 was going to be the future of technology. Bitcoin grew and continues to grow as its adoption spreads. The Bitcoin blockchain presented the blueprint for storing data in blocks linked by cryptography. Bitcoin brought a unique kind of structure to various systems. Bitcoin brought security and the associated privacy, debunking the myth that this wasn’t possible. Assets no longer belonged to centralized units where any attack on the main node or central authority will result in the system falling apart (or crashing). Bitcoin brought grit and structure. Bitcoin brought protection to data and information but it remained limited in its application and use. The security provided by the blockchain remained for only the native coin of the blockchain, BTC. Remember the "America first" mantra?? This one just turned out to be a little different. It is more of "America only" or "BTC only". We wouldn’t even talk about the speed of transactions and the fees on the Bitcoin blockchain. Then Ethereum entered the space with its platform. When it comes to global use, Ethereum has carved out a niche for itself. More usability as it allowed for more tokens and projects but there was is still the issue of transaction fees and congestion. Yes, the use of smart contracts is a great idea but when a network/platform can hardly scale it becomes a major issue. So how do we solve the problems seen on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains?

The Nervos Network

To know how Nervos works, you need to take an in-depth look into the network itself in its entirety. Nervos is a Layer 1 protocol that has the basis of the protocol firmly fixed there. Together with this basic core layer 1 structure is a series of Layer 2 solutions like side chains, plasma chains and channels that take the major transactions away from the main chain so that the network can scale effectively. These days, a lot of work is going to Layer 2 as the solution for scalability issues on main chains because it allows the main chain to remain decentralized and secure, focusing on the basics.

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