A Small intro into the NERVOS World

Quite simple and intriguing!!!

Enter: Nervos Network.

A great public blockchain protocol like Bitcoin and Ethereum but made to circumvent the negatives of these super platforms while finding solutions to make transactions, privacy, security and transaction costs more user-friendly and efficient.

Nervos, like Bitcoin, operates on the Proof of Work model. Ethereum operates on Proof of Work but is still about to migrate to the Proof of Stake. With the Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB), you have a blockchain that seeks to make life easier for blockchain technology users. Unlike Bitcoin, with the CKB, you can store any crypto asset that you want. This solves the interoperability issues and makes transactions more efficient. Whilst being interoperable, it remains very secure, immutable and permissionless. What else do we desire in a block chain? Smart contracts are also enabled as in the Ethereum blockchain and you can add a Layer 2 extension to enable scaling. All these coupled with the native token, CKByte has kept the Nervos system in good stead.

The Nervos Network

This setup makes the network have effective and efficient transactions whilst reducing the cost of the transactions. This would make a perfect ground for developers who want to build decentralized apps (dApps), protocols, blockchains, and side chains as they would get all they need from the Common Knowledge Base (CKB).

The CKByte

Every project is built around that unique gem through which all the activities in that project takes place. The Nervos Network is not left out. The utility token of the Nervos Network, the Common Knowledge Byte (CKByte) is the value store and the tool through which Nervos resources are managed.

Countries use fiat for running their economies, Nervos uses its CKB as a store for assets and for processing smart contracts. Just like your real world experience, when a country or nation prospers, the currency also does well as it becomes high in demand. The CKByte is not left out as we believe that the Nervos Network is poised for greatness and so, the demand for the CKByte would rocket.

Keep an eye out for the Nervos ecosystem as they implore you to try the Nervos blockchain and unlock the true potential of your dApp.

For more details, check the Nervos positioning paper:

Visit the Nervos Website:

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