Join the pSTAKE Treasure Hunt as it gets to its Latter Stages

We all dream about partaking in some adventure where we will find the missing piece to a puzzle or follow a series of clues aimed at taking us to a treasure. A lot of movies have been based on some sort of treasure hunt. The same can be said about TV reality shows and one I can remember very vividly is the Gulder Ultimate Search in Nigeria. Today we are in the middle of one of such treasure hunts.

Who is hosting the treasure hunt?

The treasure hunt is hosted by Persistence next-gen financial product, pSTAKE. pSTAKE is your platform for staking your assets and getting staked replicas with which you can venture into other decentralized finance operations for more yield. In other words, pSTAKE will be helping you to unlock the liquidity of your staked assets. This time around the participants are helping pSTAKE unlock the hidden treasure. Who would be the lucky one?

What is the duration?

This treasure hunt by pSTAKE is expected to last for 7 days running from the 26th of July 2021 at 1PM UTC+1 to the 2nd of August 2021 at 1PM UTC+1. This shows that we are already on day 5 and participants are already deep in the search. There’ll be no treasures till the last day though. Don’t be left out!!!

Is it too late to participate?

If you haven’t joined in yet then it’s not late. You can still join in this hunt but to take part you would have to register first of all. You might wonder how. Do so by clicking this link. It will take you to a form where you would have to follow a series of requirements. These include following pSTAKE on Twitter, liking and retweeting this post, joining Persistence official community group and announcement channel on Telegram, joining the Persistence reddit and checking out the pSTAKE liquid staking product. You will then proceed to provide your basic information which includes your Persistence XPRT address with which you will receive rewards when you win. You can create it here if you don’t have one yet.

How do I get to find the treasures?

Finding the treasure would be through a series of clues. This link will take you to the first clue. The clue would guide you to an answer. When you find the answer, submission is easy. You submit like this Put it in your browser and it will take you to the next clue. When you find the answer to the next clue, you add the “-” and add the second answer. It will therefore look like this. You will continue to add the “-” and then you answer to take you to the next page of the clue. The final day will have a link like this,

What is the prize?

There would be 33 winners from this event with the rewards coming out according to how the participants perform. There would be a total rewards pool of $2000 in XPRT.

  1. The grand prize would be $200 for one person.
  2. There will be four runners-up and they will all receive $100 each year in rewards.
  3. There will be a lottery for the remaining winners who get the treasure. 28 lucky winners will get $50 each.

Don’t be left out. Let’s get stuck in.

About Persistence

Persistence is a protocol powering DeFi by providing next-gen financial products. They have products like AssetMantle, pSTAKE, Audit.One and pLEND coming soon.





pSTAKE website:


pSTAKE Twitter:




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