IndiGG — India’s Foremost P2E Hub

Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha
3 min readJun 30, 2022


I’ve avoided people telling me about the market because it hurts so well but then you can ask me what I’ve been doing to reduce the pain.

Well I’ve been on IndiGG enjoying access to some of the best P2E Games out there. IndiGG is a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games that is creating a P2E hub which will, in turn, make India a Web3 Gaming powerhouse.

How do they do this?

They do this by connecting gamers to their favourite Play-to-earn games.

IndiGG has given us access to some of the best games in the blockchain space with the ever important rewards you get from having fun on the platform.

Games like Skyweaver Game, Pegaxy, Nyan heroes, AxieInfinity, and Fancybirds are accessible.

There have been some recent partnerships with games like Phantom Galaxies and Blastroyale that would even open up more gaming and earning opportunities for the IndiGG community and group of scholars.

Like many other online and blockchain platforms, you might want to get exclusive access to the platform because it grants users so much more benefits.

Getting this access is easy. To get this access on IndiGG, you need to get the IndiGG Badge.

This is a membership pass to IndiGG’s gaming guild. You can unlock exclusive perks and get prior announcements on games among others. Getting the badge is pretty easy!!!

Head over to https// and mint your badge on the Polygon chain for almost zero fees. It would be sent directly to your wallet.

With the badge, there’s no better place to be than the IndiGG Discord where you can network with the ever blossoming IndiGG community and group of scholars.

Don’t forget the exclusive access you get.







Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha