Highlights from IndiGG

Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha
3 min readJun 30, 2022

If you’ve been following IndiGG lately, you’d see an abundance of activities on the platform.

These activities have come in the form of partnerships and also tournaments.

We’ve always known IndiGG for teaming up with P2E games and some other partnerships that make so much sense.

IndiGG x Castle Crush

Recently we saw a partnership with top F2P RTS mobile game, Castle Crush. A move that would see IndiGG purchasing over 650 in-game NFTs for scholars in the IndiGG community.

IndiGG x Phantom Galaxies

We’ve also seen a strong partnership with upcoming AAA Mech shooter game, Phantom Galaxies where IndiGG is investing in one large planet and about 100 small asteroids to give the indiggarmy a headstart in the game when it is fully released.

IndiGG x Incento

Away from games, IndiGG also looked to help the IndiGG community find a way to cash out their earnings after playing and earning in-game tokens. They made this possible by partnering Incento, the Paytm of the blockchain space, such that you can easily make your earnings, fungible.

IndiGG x Skyweaver Community Cup

Away from partnerships, there were great tournaments. The first is the IndiGG x SkyweaverGame invitational which is divided into 4 weeks with a price pool of $10,000 over the duration ($2500 per week) for the 16 winners. Registrations for Week 4 is currently on and you can join by clicking here:

IndiGG x S8UL x Skyweaver Invitational

There was also a S8ulesports x SkyweaverGame x YGGIndia streamer invitational where there was a $10,000 reward pool. The invitational was a success and we hope for more of the same. Here was the result of the event which saw 3 winners who showed themselves approved as the top contributors.

Congrats to Binks, Zeref and S8ul SID.

I’m all in on the happenings at IndiGG as there’s never any dull moment. Go over to the website and mint your badge.

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Website: https://www.indi.gg

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Discord: https://discord.gg/T3gGYqEuwB