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One thing about the StaFi ecosystem is the fact that there is no dull moment. There is always something being worked on. There is always something to talk about. We’ve long saturated ourselves with talk of how StaFi is creating more opportunities for crypto owners to make more from their assets through liquid staking. As if liquid staking was not enough, they decided to create rDEX which is an AMM DEX for trading rTokens. If creating representative tokens is great, then creating an exchange for trading these tokens is legendary. Like the story goes, it didn’t end there. Enter StaFiHub for bringing staked derivatives to the ever blossoming Cosmos ecosystem. Few days ago, we saw a partnership with IRIS network that would see rIRIS as the first Cosmos-based token (aside ATOM) to have staked representatives on the platform. With StaFi, it’s all about inclusiveness for liquid staking users as well as developers so everything is geared towards making the entire liquid staking process more efficient and widely accepted. With that in mind, StaFi has rolled out the SEAG initiative. Known as StaFi Eco Accelerator Grant, the aim is to help fund and incentivized anyone who would help push the narrative about StaFi ecosystem and push forward for its growth. Let’s talk about SEAG.


The StaFi Foundation is always committed to funding development of software, product design as well as technical research efforts that are geared towards making StaFi better. With the StaFi Eco Accelerator Grant, you are seeing a complete grants program that seeks to achieve all these. Anyone can apply but it has to be under the following categories

Ecosystem Projects

With this, StaFi is looking at projects that would help bring great technical value to bthe StaFi ecosystem. When you see the type of value that rDEX and StaFiHub would bring to StaFi, you would get a complete picture of what’s expected. These projects would be given top priority for the grants.

Product Design

Another important category is those entities that are great with designs especially UI/UX design pof dApps. If you as an individual or team can do this, you are also welcome to apply.

Technical Research

You can’t leave the technicals out of the mix. When you see the though process that’s going into creating the StaFi subnets for the Avalanche eco, you’d get to understand why there’s so much need for individuals or projects with the best brains to do this. You’re talking about deep research into staking contracts, delegation algorithms, and security mechanisms. This grant is also for you.

What’s in it for me?

Of course, this should be the next question to ask. If I fall under these categories, what do I stand to gain?

First, the StaFi foundation would look to fund your novel ideas and they have kept between 5000 USD to 50,000 USD in $FIS for this. Don’t be left out, Buddies.

In addition to the funds you’d be getting, the StaFi Foundation will also bring technical and research support to the table. They know the game. They would look to put you on the right track.

Finally, when all is done, they will also help you to launch your project whilst pushing the narrative for your project to the mainstream.

Now that’s what I call a grant.

It’s time to apply

If you don’t apply, there’s no way you’re getting all these. Apart from qualifying for the different categories, applying is the most important step in all these because it gives you the chance to actually partake.

Here’s how you can apply.

Get your proposal ready so you can clearly state what you intend to do and try to convince the StaFi Team that your proposal be considered for funding. You can do that on the StaFi DAO Forum. Remember that the competition would be high.

Fill in the SEAG application form when you’re done.

After this, the StaFi team would take a look at your application to see if it merits the funding you’re applying for. You’d get the feedback within 3 to 6 weeks through the StaFi DAO Forum. However, while making your proposal, make sure it has the following info

A simple TL;DR, succinct introduction of your ideas and the project, the exact value that would be added to the StaFi ecosystem, a convincing assay as to why your proposal should be funded, the funds you would need, delivered milestones as well as your contact information.

Good luck guys.


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