GODS UNCHAINED — IndiGG’s Next Addition?

Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha
8 min readAug 30, 2022

Gaming has evolved over the years and it is fair to say that Play-to-earn games are taking centre stage. Traditional games have always been fun but the thing with them is that all benefits derived from them are tied to just fun. Play-to-earn games come with something that appeals to both existing gaming communities and even the older generations. That extra factor is earning. This piece tries to dissect a popular Play-to-earn game whilst giving reasons why I would want IndiGG to invest in it. However, we would need to talk in details about what Play-to-earn really are.

Play-to-Earn Games

Like the name Play-to-earn games imply, these games are games that offer you the ability to earn while you play. Players are rewarded for having fun and it is no surprise why they are beginning to take centre stage today. Traditional game players don’t have that luxury with their games. So how are these Play-to-earn gamers rewarded? They are rewarded with digital currencies and non fungible tokens (NFTs). Remember how you would earn in-game tokens in traditional games or use upgradable characters. The difference now is that you can cash out your in-game tokens in Play-to-earn games while your in-game characters are usually NFTs or game cards that can be traded on various marketplaces for real cash or cryptocurrencies. While some of these games require you to invest before you play, others are quite free. For those that invest, there is the possibility of losing your capital but isn’t that the risk of life itself? So let’s talk about my favorite Play-to-earn game, GODS UNCHAINED.

Gods Unchained

I must confess that I was drawn to this game by it’s very strong unique name. The closer I got to it, I found out it was worth the hype. I watched my younger brother play it and it was fun. Gods Unchained is a trading card game where the cards represent in-game characters that players use to engage in duels. You remember Mortal Kombat? This is just a fighting game like Mortal Kombat but the characters are in the form of cards which show the capabilities of the different characters. This game is built on blockchain technology allowing users to have safe, secure and immutable storage for their in-game characters whilst having the ability to sell the cards in marketplaces for funds. Before we go into the way the game is played, let’s talk about the reasons why I’m in love with God’s Unchained.

Reasons for choosing Gods Unchained

Loving God’s Unchained was quick but certain factors contributed to it. Let’s take a ride through them.

Big Community

In the blockchain space, community is everything . Without a vibrant community I will be very sceptical about any project. In terms of this, Gods Unchained ticks all the boxes. I was drawn by the Twitter community that has close to 100k followers. This brought me closer to the game itself and its really a thing of pride seeing the statistics associated with the game. With over $52M dollars worth of cards exchanged, it is fair to say that there is enough money flowing. The community on Gods Unchained is very passionate about playing and this is made visible by the over 450,000 registered players it had while it was still in beta mode. This figure has more than doubled and more active players are joining on a regular basis.

Game economy

The game economy is very important to any play -to-Earn game as it is the driving factor to why one would pick one game over the other. One thing you would dread with this type of games is that there is the problem of proper ownership. In 2020, players spent over $74 billion on in-game assets but received none of it as it all went to all the big game companies. On Gods Unchained, you cannot be worried about this because players have access to real ownership of their in-game assets because on the platform these assets are actually ERC-721 tokens/NFTs. This was a paradigm shift from how Play-to-Earn games had been with players having more avenues to earn. You can head over to the marketplace and buy new cards and chests. You can even create your own NFT cards and the best thing is that you can even receive staking rewards. This brings us to the third point.


If there is one thing we would all love with blockchain transactions, it is high speed of transactions and low fees. That is why Gods Unchained’s digital assets are on the first zero-knowledge roll-up scaling protocol for ethereum, Immutable X. With this, players have low fees and fast transactions whilst enjoying the security of their assets. This, alone, has reduced the barrier of entry for gamers. Now let’s take a dive into the tokenomics before we talk about playing the game.

GODS tokenomics

The native token of the Gods Unchained game is $GODS. It is an ERC20 token that has a lot of use cases across the Gods Unchained platform. $GODS has a fixed supply of 500,000,000 and this is shared into the following categories

Play-to-earn rewards

This is the largest allocation with 34% of the total supply kept for this. That is a total of 170,000,000 $GODS tokens. This is for all Play-to-Earn campaigns on the platform.

Community and Ecosystem Fund

There is a 20.5% allocation for this area. That is a total of 102,500,000 $GODS tokens. These are r All activities by committee members that add value to the general stock shares of the game. This will be distributed through proposals done monthly.

God’s unchained reserves

There is a 25% allocation for this area. That is 125,000,000 GODS tokens . This will be given to Gods Unchained Pty Ltd for development of the $GODS token. There will be a token unlock over 48 months. This is not for any team member or board member and is totally for reserves.

Community Allocation

There is a 7% total allocation for this area. That is 35,000,000 tokens. This is for community in-game events for all users. 6% will go to the first event where eligible addresses will receive $GODS based on assets they have. 0.5% will be given to the second event and this will come as a play-to-Earn event. Just play the game if you merit the set criteria. The final 0.5% will be for reserve as storage just in case there is an issue with distribution in the first two phases.

Token foundation

There is a 6.5% total allocation for this area. That is 32,500,000 GODS tokens. This is for the foundation and it will be unlocked immediately. This is for liquidity, marketing and other activities for the smooth running of operations outside.

Token sale

There was a total of 7% total allocation for this area period that is 35,000,000 GODS tokens. The token sale was public and gave the bigger blockchain community access to the token.

How to Play

Playing Gods Unchained is very simple. All you have to do is go to the Gods Unchained website and create an account. You don’t have to pay for this and you would be given free cards when you have finished signing up. You just have to provide your email and the password to enable you create an account and download the game to your PC.

What follows next is the registration page where you create a username and a referral code. Verify your account and wait for the game to finish downloading, then start playing.

Gods Unchained NFTs

We have been talking about the NFTs but what exactly are they and can we trade them? Not all the cards on the Gods Unchained game are NFTs. The NFTs however can be traded on secondary marketplaces for profit. The main cards cannot be sold but you can use the flux to improve the non-blockchain cards and turn them into assets that you can sell. Just watch out for the borders of the cards as you cannot sell the ones with grey borders. Buying the NFTs is through the marketplace on God’s Unchained. Go to the website and select “market”. This market support wallets like Metamask and other Magic wallets.

A Case for GODS on IndiGG

IndiGG is building a gaming guild for users in India and the blockchain space at large to get access to their favourite Play-To-Earn Games whilst networking with fellow gamers for a better experience. A sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games and leveraging on Polygon’s layer 2 framework for near zero gas fees and high transaction speeds, users can bank on having the best gaming experience. There are quite a number of Play-to-Earn games in the blockchain space these days but currently, five of those games are prominent on the IndiGG portal. These are Axie Infinity, Nyanheroes, SkyWeaver, Pegaxy and Fancybirds. Recently there have been tournaments for the SkyWeaver Game and they have been amazing with winners getting massive payouts.

I hope that the IndiGG gaming guild would add Gods Unchained to the list of games available for Indian Gamers. They could do this by investing in some really cool NFTs and chests to help make the gaming experience better for scholars and gamers.

Let’s see what the future brings

Gods Unchained Contact

Website: https://godsunchained.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/godsunchained

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/godsunchained

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GodsUnchained

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGQ1oWpKFfjsLYiTYALAlSA

IndiGG Contact

Website: https://www.indi.gg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YGGIndia

Discord: https://discord.gg/T3gGYqEuwB