Getting EasyFi Secure Again

Setbacks are sometimes inevitable but it takes courage and strength to come back from one and these are the attributes that EasyFi Network have exhibited over the past days since the security incident few weeks ago.
In trying to pick up the pieces, they set out a plan - The Reinstatement Plan - that sought to bring out the protocol from the ashes and debris into the wonderful light where it once stood.
Top of the agenda was security.

What was said?

Giving full credence to the role that security audits would play in this comeback, EasyFi Network clearly stated that they would get the "FULL AUDIT of the Protocol" for improved security. Doing this had to come with a plan.
1. Partner top security firms renowned for their achievements in the audit space to carry out a full audit of all security practices within the protocol in a bid to improve security.
2. Make partnerships with firms known for carrying out bug bounties so as to bring people who would help in carrying out "protocol evaluation and commit for the code".

What was done?

In a world where talk is cheap, it would have been easy to say all and do none. Yeah!!! EasyFi went straight into action. On the 22nd of May, 2021, they partnered cyber security firm, Halborn in a move that would see Halborn become the official auditor and security advisor of the protocol. Their realm of influence over these issues would be totalitarian, with complete security advisory for the EasyFi infrastructure on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Scope of the Partnership

The scope of this partnership was tailored in such a way that the same issues that occurred on the 19th of April, 2021 would not be witnessed again. Also it would help with the protocol on the path to a perfect future free of these lapses and incidents.

Halborn is tasked with

1. Providing general cybersecurity practices for the EasyFi protocol in a series of waves that include finding the best way to protect the system from attack, testing for vulnerability, carrying out research on best security practices whilst coming up with a blueprint of what works best.

2. Providing holistic assessment for infrastructure risk.

3. Perform in-depth vulnerability inspections known as penetration testing to decipher various ways adversaries would want to break in.

4. Carry out audits for the smart contracts to ensure that the code structure adheres to the required quality.

5. Build great procedures for the DevSecOps. Using their expertise in the field, they will bring quality advice on codes, automation and cloud hosting services among others.

The future is indeed bright for the EasyFi Network protocol and its plethora of users that form an ever vibrant community.

About Halborn Security
Halborn is a top notch cybersecurity firm working with blockchain companies. Some of Halborn’s existing clientele are Coinbase, Stellar, Bancor and BlockFi. Halborn, unlike some other firms in the this industry, focuses on full stack security, DevSecOps, as well as delving into advanced penetration testing of the web apps that interact with smart contacts.
Website | Blog | Twitter

About EasyFi Network
EasyFi Network is the top Layer 2 DeFi lending protocol that’s highly scalable, composable and focused on adoption. Built in line with Permissionless networks and automation of smart contracts, EasyFi is showing us that we can do more with DeFi.
Website | Twitter | Telegram |Whitepaper




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