Earning more with XPRT Pools on OSMOSIS

Chukwunelo Ebuka Alpha
4 min readJul 4, 2021

It’s no news that the token of the Persistence ecosystem, XPRT, was listed on Osmosis few days ago giving users and the Persistence community at large, permissionless access to XPRT on the Osmosis Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange (AMM DEX). Osmosis is the first-ever AMM DEX on Cosmos and as such, we would be seeing decentralized finance coming over to Cosmos. The Persistence community can purchase/acquire their favourite token, XPRT, easily on the Osmosis Exchange. The XPRT/ATOM pool was launched on Osmosis for LP token providers. This means that holders of XPRT can also supply liquidity to the $XPRT-$ATOM pool on Osmosis to earn really attractive LP rewards. Everyone loves rewards and we are so sure that no one would want to be left out. It didn’t end there, though. In addition to the LP rewards that would be received by those who supply liquidity for the $XPRT-$ATOM pool on Osmosis, providers will also earn a part of the total trading fees paid as generated by the $XPRT-$ATOM pool. With this, users are actually getting paid in two ways and this is great.

As at Saturday, 3rd of July 2021, the total value locked (TVL) in the $ATOM — $XPRT and $OSMO — $XPRT pairs had crossed $13 million. The $ATOM — $XPRT pool had over $8.5 million in liquidity with an APY of up to 440%. The $OSMO — $XPRT pool had over $4.5 million in liquidity with an APY of up to 840%. This is massive but is just half of the story. The 7-day trading volume of these pools was almost $9 million. This is just the beginning of things to come.

If you have been looking for a decentralized way to purchase $XPRT and other gems on Cosmos, you have no excuse. Just head over to app.osmosis.zone

It’s not enough to hold your $XPRT gems like that in your wallet after purchase. Put it to good use by staking it to earn rewards with the high APYs on offer at the moment.

You can check this step-by-step video tutorial if you don’t know your way around Osmosis (https://youtu.be/A9m1NvSFoXU) or this written guide (https://notes.persistence.one/s/OIBTPv5Cr).

Also, for steps on how to provide liquidity and earn rewards, check this tweet by the Persistence team: https://twitter.com/PersistenceOne/status/1407022269310935040?s=19

What are you waiting for? Join the plethora of users worldwide in harnessing the power of Persistence as you enjoy great benefits.

About Osmosis

Osmosis is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain that users worldwide can use to create liquidity as well as trade IBC-enabled tokens. Liquidity mining is gaining acceptance and widespread usage in the decentralized finance space these days. Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) is an end-to-end protocol for reliable, ordered and authenticated communication between different blockchains. With IBC, a wide range of cross chain applications are enabled and these include token transfers and atomic swaps among others. Osmosis allows you to trade IBC-enabled tokens seamlessly. The Osmosis blockchain is built on Cosmos and is a free, public, open source software. On the platform you can trade your favourite gems (mostly those built on Cosmos). You can also provide liquidity for a wide range of pools. Various airdrops are also made accessible to the users from time to time to reward them. A wide range of assets like OSMO, ATOM, ION, AKT, REGEN, DVPN, XPRT, IRIS and CRO are available on the platform. You can also stake your assets through the keplr wallet to earn massive rewards. Finally you can vote on the governance platform with your OSMO gems.

Website: osmosis.zone

App: app.osmosis.zone

Twitter: https://twitter.com/osmosiszone

Medium: https://medium.com/@Osmosis

About persistence:

Persistence is an interoperable protocol that is built to power next-gen financial products. With persistence, you are looking at a technological stack that gives us the basic infrastructure with which the realms of traditional finance and DeFi can be bridged, effectively and efficiently. You are looking at a project to provide innovative solutions to bring about expansions in the DeFi and NFT sectors. Persistence is committed to an everyday resilience to provide users with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art products that would allow us explore the DeFi and NFT space. Some of the products of Persistence include Audit.One (a staking as a service solution), pSTAKE (a liquid staking program that would help unlock the liquidity of state assets), Assetmantle (a framework for NFT marketplace), pLend (a platform for lending stablecoins backed by real-world assets) among others still to come. Persistence is the future of DeFi and NFTs.

Website: https://www.persistence.one/

Telegram: https://t.me/PersistenceOneChat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PersistenceOne

Official Blog: https://medium.com/persistence-blog