DSRV partners Persistence to push for new DeFi Boundaries

The blockchain space is growing and gaining recognition on a daily basis and it is an occurrence that pleases us all. Many cryptocurrency projects are springing up and solving various problems with very important use cases. To make things more spicy, a lot of these projects are forming partnerships with one another to better the experience their users get from using their products and services. We cannot underestimate the importance that partnerships have on the growth of businesses and corporations. There's a regular saying that if one can go one mile, then two can go ten miles. This goes to show that partnerships confer geometric progression on events. With this, I was drawn to a partnership that in my opinion ticked all the boxes. Two great projects in their own right, doing well with their use cases. Let's take a look at these power houses and what lies in store for the projects and their plethora of users.

The perfect match

On one corner is DSRV, the leading validator in South Korea that is focusing on technical contribution and growth of the ecosystem for innovative blockchains. For DSRV, it is about a Proof of Contribution. Looking for a way of contributing to all the top blockchain networks and aiming to achieve decentralization in the process. Their sphere of influence to the distributed ledger space is large and cuts across a wide range, starting from performance monitoring dashboards, staking analytics, browser extension wallets and many more. To further buttress the impact and strength of DSRV, it is worthy to note that they are backed by some of the largest corporations you can see in South Korea. This includes top projects like Samsung, NAVER and KB.
This will help you understand how well-rounded and ready that DSRV is for the blockchain space.
DSRV is the complete package with the right mix of experience and expertise

On the other hand is Persistence. An interoperable protocol that is built to power next-gen financial products. With persistence, you are looking at a technological stack that gives us the basic infrastructure with which the realms of traditional finance and DeFi can be bridged, effectively and efficiently. You are looking at a project to provide innovative solutions to bring about expansions in the DeFi and NFT sectors. Persistence is committed to an everyday resilience to provide users with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art products that would allow us explore the DeFi and NFT space. Some of the products of Persistence include Audit.One (a staking as a service solution), pSTAKE (a liquid staking program that would help unlock the liquidity of state assets), Assetmantle (a framework for NFT marketplace), pLend (a platform for lending stablecoins backed by real-world assets) among others still to come. Persistence is the future of DeFi and NFTs.

The partnership

These projects are too strong to even stand on their own. This was what attracted me to the partnership. I wanted to explore why these two giants were building such a top-class synergy. Persistence sees DSRV as a partner to help in its drive in the blockchain space. Its dedication to finding solutions is one that goes with Persistence next-gen financial products.
Also, together they would work to bridge traditional finance to DeFi in a lot of ways. Persistence will also be seeking to use DSRV to make inroads into the Korean blockchain space thus providing opportunities for the cryptocurrency and blockchain community there. Together, they would ensure that financial Innovations and ingenuity is at the heart of all they do in a move that would strengthen the case for decentralized finance worldwide.

Now I bet you are as excited as I am.

Newscrypto Ambassador